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Alfa Romeo - 2003 Alfa Romeo 166

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Car Critics
2003 Alfa Romeo 166
2003 Alfa Romeo 166  picture
Engine Type S-4 DOHC 16 valve
Displacement cu in (cc) 120.2 cu in (1970 cc)
Power bhp (kW)  at RPM 150 hp @ 6300 rpm
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM 133.5 lbs.-ft @ 3800 rpm
Redline at RPM n.a.
Brakes ABS, vented disc
Tires 205/55 16
Length 185.8 in (4720 mm)
Weight 3131 lbs (1420 kg)
Acceleration 0-62 mphs 9.8
Top Speed mph (km/h) 131 mph
Fuel economy EPA (1/100) n.a.
Base Price ?19,976
Car Description

In the best tradition of Alfa Romeo, the New Alfa 166 remains at the forefront of automobile engineering, offering driving pleasure that lives up to the highest expectations.

The New Alfa 166 offers four different petrol engines, plus the powerful new second generation Common Rail diesel: the 175 bhp 2.4 JTD M-Jet 20V.

The most classic Alfa Romeo stylistic features are immediately obvious on the New Alfa 166. Functionality and elegance merge in a form of beauty and power, where every detail is just where it should be and nothing appears superfluous. On the restyled front, the triangular radiator grill, the symbol that has made Alfa Romeo instantly recognizable over the years, acts as the starting point for two sleek lines that radiate out over the hood, hinting at the power of the engine underneath, and that then sweep smoothly back along the entire length of the car. The line of the radiator grill extends outwards towards the side air intakes and new bi-xenon headlights, which have an even more dynamic design and more than double the brightness of traditional lights. The flush bumpers merge with the bodywork of the car. The clean, spare style created for the side conveys prestige and quality through the elegant, restrained use of chrome elements.

The body has no sharp angles or corners. It is soft and curved, with the door handles and side indicator light flush with the body of the car. The curve of the fenders, and even the wheels, which are perfectly flush with the body, give the impression of a strong, compact car, one that is firmly anchored to the road, an impression enhanced by the solid horizontal axis around which the entire side seems to develop. There are three specifications, Impression, Progression and Distinctive, and a range of 11 colors, including four new shades, designed to satisfy the modern, refined taste of those who appreciate the highest expression of sporting elegance in a car.

Let yourself be embraced by the interior of the New Alfa 166. These interiors, with their two-tone or mono-tone dashboards, or exclusively finished in superior full-grain leather, matched with the upholstery, glove compartment, central uprights and door panels, are at the very top of the executive saloon category.

Without forgetting the sporting heart of those who love driving: on all the V6 manual transmission versions, the Sport Throttle Response system is mounted next to the gear lever. This exclusive system allows the driver to experience the thrill of a racing car in a prestige saloon. A sporty drive that comes complete with all the comfort and handling typical of a real Alfa. The hi-fi system controls are mounted on the steering wheel spokes, giving in-car entertainment in total comfort. And in total safety: all the controls are instantly withinInterior of the New Alfa 166 reach at all times, including the Cruise Control system for controlling the car’s cruising speed and the information needed for a safe journey, as required by those who like to enjoy the thrill of driving a genuine sporting flagship but without surrendering complete control of the situation.

New Alfa 166. Cruise Control. Thanks to an uncompromising combination of quality materials, high technology and the very best in Italian craftsmanship, the New Alfa 166 gives the feel of a car whose components have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail and assembled with exceptional care and passion. It is virtually a living room on wheels, a place to sit back and enjoy a driving experience of sheer pleasure, with a natural sporting outlook. Seats upholstered in leather or top-quality cloths. Leather steering wheel and gear lever. A carefully soundproofed body and interiors lined with soundproofing materials to eliminate squeaks and rattles. Doors with flush frame and double lining for internal sound protection even at high speeds. Then there are the front and central uprights with a finish matching the roof, the central console frame finished with an opaque metallic surface covering obtained using galvanic bath technology, and the chrome-plated door knobs. All are signs of class and prestige, and convey the unmistakable pleasure of driving a genuine, top-quality executive saloon.

To deliver all of the engine’s power to the wheels, a new 6-speed manual transmission or a new Sportronic 5-speed automatic transmission are available. The latter, which is a perfect blend of technological excellence and sporting imagination, adapts automatically to the driving style adopted or, alternatively, can operate as a manual sequential unit. The system communicates constantly with the Abs control unit, monitoring the speed of each individual wheel and whether the car is on a straight or on a bend, whether the road surface is dry or wet, and the grip conditions. It provides engine braking when braking and prevents a higher gear being engaged on bends with high lateral accelerations. And at the same time it ensures the best sporting performance, holding gear just like a manual transmission and accelerating up to a limit of 5000 rpm.

TI, Turismo Internazionale, are the initials that over the years have marked Alfa Romeo cars as sporting thoroughbreds. The TI Pack, available as an optional, sees the car with a lower trim that ensures a more thrilling drive, in total safety, and with better handling. On the outside, the TI Pack features a special monogram on the two fenders and exclusive 18” alloy wheels. On the inside, the TI setup is evident in the leather seats with embroidered Alfa Romeo logo, in the TI symbol on the aluminum kick-plate, and in the red lighting used for the instrument panel and buttons.

The intrinsic safety of the New Alfa 166 begins with the torsional rigidity of the bodyshell, which helps to ensure that the car enjoys maximum stability and roadholding. The bodyshell is surrounded by a series of components that are uncompromising in terms of quality and generosity, including the FPS Fire Prevention System that cuts off the flow of fuel to the engine in the event of a collision, the double, full-size front airbags (with passenger side airbag that can be disabled), and front side airbags. The most recent innovations concern protection against side-on collisions, with the anti-penetration bars in the doors and energy-absorbing interior materials being joined by new front head bags, mounted on the roof under the ceiling upholstery. These bags are only activated in the event of strong side-on collisions and their job is to protect the heads of the front seat. Total control of the road. At all times and in all conditions, from sporty driving to relaxed touring. All because the wide range of equipment used to ensure the best performance and active control of the New Alfa 166 represent the very best technology currently available.

From the integrated double circuit hydraulic braking system, which guarantees braking force on both sides of the car in the event of a failure of one of the circuits, to the latest ABS with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), the system that distributes the braking force between the front and rear wheels. Then there is the VDC system, Alfa Romeo’s original interpretation of ESP, an electronic vehicle dynamic control device that brings the car back into line should there be a loss of stability; the system also includes the ASR automatic traction control function, which prevents skidding/wheel slip on surfaces with poor grip, while the suspension system features a high wishbone arrangement at the front, derived from Formula 1, and multi-link suspension at the rear. A tremendous research achievement from the Alfa Romeo engineering department, which has led to record-braking roadholding performance and solutions that have been patented worldwide.

Solutions such as the front suspension system used on the new Alfa 166, which sees the traditional rigid strut being replaced by an articulated strut, made up of three separate and interconnecting elements. A solution that offers incomparable absorption of bumps, together with maximum stability when overtaking or changing lane.

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